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Find the Perfect Type of Dentures in Conquitlam

Some patients may have unusual conditions in their mouth or jaw joint (also known as Temporal Mandibular Joint or TMJ) which may require additional extensive measurements to properly fit a set of dentures. In these cases, a precision premium denture would provide the best fit and function in order to enjoy daily life activities like eating, speaking or laughing with confidence.

Precision premium dentures incorporate extensive measurements in your TMJ in order for the denturist to closely duplicate the natural movements of your jaw. Measurements are also used to guide the denturist in placing teeth for the best look and feel of your new dentures.


With proper fitting complete dentures in Coquitlam from Westwood Denture Clinic, you can continue to enjoy all of the activities you love without worrying about pain in your mouth or difficulties chewing. Your lifestyle as well as your appearance, comfort and eating habits are all considerations that will be discussed with you at your consultation appointment.

Complete dentures (or full dentures) are a matched set that includes upper dentures and lower dentures that replace all of your teeth. There are two types of complete dentures: conventional complete dentures and immediate complete dentures . Conventional dentures can be fabricated between 3 to 4 appointments and are initially put in between 3 and 6 weeks after natural teeth have been removed.

Standard and Precision Dentures

At Westwood Denture Clinic, we offer standard and precision dentures. For patients with unusual jaw and mouth conditions such as Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ), we may recommend precision dentures, such as BPS® or Geneva 2000™, to provide the best fit for daily life activities such as eating, speaking and smiling confidently.

We welcome your calls for more information about complete dentures and the options available. Dial
604-468-4867  to learn more.




Your gums need to be completely healed before conventional dentures can be applied after extractions. This can take 6 to 8 months, depending how you heal. There is a solution so you can have teeth sooner than that – immediate dentures. With immediate dentures from Westwood Denture Clinic you can have an upper, lower or complete set of dentures inserted immediately following extractions.

Don't Miss a Day without Teeth

To make sure you don’t miss a day without a full smile, we take impressions for your dentures weeks before the extractions take place. By doing this, we can have a beautiful set of immediate dentures ready for you as soon as your extraction is done. After your extractions are complete and the denturist has inserted your immediate dentures, we will provide you with a temporary lining that will help your gums during the healing period.

At our clinic our licensed denturist will make your dentures in-house, meaning he will work with you from initial consultation to fitting and follow up. Questions? Just give us a call!




Partial dentures are an economical way to replace a few missing teeth. They can be a great option for patients who are missing a few natural teeth because, unlike complete dentures, partial dentures are attached to your remaining natural teeth. Aside from replacing missing teeth, partial dentures can:

Help preserve your remaining natural teeth

Improve your ability to chew more naturally

Improve your ability to speak clearly

Help prevent or treat jaw problems like TMJ (temporal mandibular) disorders

Provide you with a full, confident smile!

A partial denture is held in place securely by attaching it to natural teeth using tiny clasps. In most cases, crowning teeth is not necessary. A partial denture is usually removable to allow for proper cleaning of the denture and natural teeth.


Is a partial denture right for you? Book a consultation appointment today and find out! Call 604-468-4867

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